News Centre ~ Embed Widget: Updating an Embedded Newsletter

Ultranet has a newsletter module in the news centre, however, if you need to keep your newsletters somewhere else (ie: Google Docs, Mailchimp or Hail), you can still display them in Ultranet's News Centre.

If your newsletter handler allows it, you can visually display a newsletter as an iframe by using the News Centre embed module.

Updating an embedded newsletter  

Follow these steps if you have a newsletter displaying on the page and want to update it to a new one.


Get the Newsletter link

  1. Go to the location of the uploaded newsletter that you wish to display. (Usually Google Docs, Mailchimp or Hail).
  2. Copy the URL (web address) of the newsletter.

Open the News Centre layout editor

  1. Sign in to your website and click on the News Centre icon in the Personal Toolbar.
  2. Go to the Edit menu at the top right of the window and click Change Layout.


Update the embedded Newsletter

  1. Move the cursor down to the embed code widget for the newsletter and click Edit.latest.jpg
  2. Drag the cursor over the url for the current newsletter (i.e. the url between the quotation marks) to select it.
    Paste over it with the url for the new newsletter.
  3. Check that Resize width to fit is selected.
  4. Click Check Embed code.
  5. Another window will open. Don’t enter anything, just click Embed content.check.jpg
  6. Click Publish.


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