Paragraph module: Create a hyperlink

You can use the paragraph widget to create hyperlinks to:

  • External websites
  • Email addresses
  • Files
  • Pages within your Ultranet website


For multiple links to pages and files, we recommend instead using the Resource / Links module, for efficient bulk link handling.

Add a paragraph

>>See Guide

Insert a hyperlink

In the edit area of your selected paragraph:

  1. Highlight the text that you wish to turn into a hyperlink.
  2. Click the hyperlink
  3. Select an option for the type of link you wish to insert.
  4. Follow the prompts to insert the link.

    To upload File:
    Note: The file you upload needs to be a file type that can be opened in your browser (eg: .pdf or an image file).

    - Click the grey upload area.
    - Select the file from your computer.
    - Click the 'Choose' button.
    - Once uploaded, click the file you wish to insert (selected items display a green dot).
  5. Click the "Insert link" button.



When you are ready to publish your edits, select 'Publish'.



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