Turn a Media Widget image into a button

The media widget displays an image. This image can be turned into a clickable link (a button). 

>>See guide on how to add an image using the media widget

How to turn a media widget image into a button

  1. Hover over the uploaded media widget image
  2. ClickScreen_Shot_2018-09-28_at_1.30.50_pm.png
  3. Click Screen_Shot_2018-09-28_at_1.31.37_pm.png
  4. Select the link (enter link address if required)  Screen_Shot_2018-09-28_at_1.34.34_pm.png

  5. Configure Image Map. To do this, click on a series of points on the image to define the area that will become the clickable zone. To reposition a control point just drag it to a new location. To remove a control point, right-click on the point.
  6. Click Screen_Shot_2018-09-28_at_1.39.02_pm.png
  7. Click update.png
  8. Click publish when ready. publish.jpg


>>Deleting a media widget


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