Adding, formatting and deleting Paragraph Widgets

How to add a paragraph


Opening the page's edit view

  1. Sign in
  2. Navigate to the page you wish to edit
  3. Go to the edit menu (3 line icon)
  4. Select "Edit Content & Layout"
  5. Now you can edit your page




Adding a paragraph widget

  1. Click and drag the paragraph widget.
  2. Drop it where you wish it to sit on the page.


Editing the paragraph

  1. Hover over the paragraph widget that you dropped onto the page.
  2. Click 'Edit'.
  3. Type or paste in your paragraph.


Cleaning up text

Does your text look messy?

Sometimes if you paste text from other sites or from software like Word, it can apply styles (ie: font colours and sizes) that junk up your content. If your paragraph is displaying styling like this, highlight the text and click the paintbrush icon to clean it up. 



Paragraph formatting features

Apply any other formatting required.
Unsure of what these functions are? Hover over any formatting feature in your editor for information on its function.




To divide your paragraph into columns, click outside of the paragraph widget and then select the + or - column buttons until you are happy with the layout. Note that this column layout will adjust across devices for different screen widths.




When you are ready to publish your edits, select 'Publish'.


Deleting a paragraph

To delete a paragraph, click the trashcan icon. 
Note: deleted paragraphs are not recoverable.




We recommend putting your content in one paragraph at a time if possible, so that you have greater control over how your content is sitting on the page within your chosen template.


>> Paragraph module: Create a hyperlink

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