Page Builder: Widgets & Modules (v2.7+)

Opening the page builder

  1. Go to the page you wish to edit (this article excludes features for Homepage & News Centre).
  2. Select 'Edit Content and Layout' from the page tools menu.


This will open the drag and drop Page Builder.builder3.jpg


Choosing Modules & Widgets

The editor's icon bar contains two sets of icons - Modules and Widgets. modules_widgets.jpgWidgets:
Can be used multiple times on a page.
Content is added to modules in the published view of the page.

Can be used only once on each page.
Content is created and edited directly in the page builder view


Adding to page

Position Modules and Widgets by dragging them to the desired location on the page.


Editing a widget

To edit a widget, hover over the widget with the cursor until the Edit button appears.


To delete a widget, click the trash icon.

Note: Removing a widget will delete the content that it contains.


Editing a module

To remove a module or widget from the page, click the Remove button in the page builder.

Note: Removing a module does NOT delete the content that it contains. If the module or widget is dragged back on to the page the content will still be present.

To edit a module, exit the page builder view and access the module directly from the page.




Note: when creating a new Ultranet page, modules from the parent page will be duplicated on the new subpage. You can remove or rearrange these as required.

Screen_Shot_2018-07-02_at_3.37.07_pm.png Headings For page content headings and subheadings.
>>Ready to add a heading? See guide. 
paragraph.jpg Paragraph For blocks of text.
>>Ready to add a paragraph? See guide.
embed.jpg Embedded Content For displaying third party content. Just paste the embed code into this widget. Option to add a description and/or button link.
media.jpg  Media  Displays a media item (an image or video). Upload an item directly or display an item from a Media Gallery.
If images are placed in a Media Frame then the option exists to use the image mapping tool to turn them into clickable links. To explore this functionality, hover over the widget until the chain link button appears.


slideshow.jpg  Slideshow This is an extension of the Media modules. To use the slideshow, you must have at least one image uploaded via the Media Gallery or the Media module.
form.jpg Form Basic form- most suitable for the contact page.

Set up the contact email address via the admin section.


Locking the layout

The Drag & Drop slider enables you to lock the modules in position on the page if you wish to fix their position.


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