How to insert a news feed widget on your Ultranet home page

Part 1

1. Open the News Centre, select the news category you want to display on the home page and click on the RSS button. 


2. Choose whether you want to display both notices and articles or just one type of news.  Save (bookmark) the URL for the newsfeed e.g.

3. Log on to and create a free account.


Part 2

Create the embed code by completing the following steps:

1. Paste the URL into the Custom feed URL box.


2. Configure the settings for the widget. Parameters you may want to adjust are:

  • The number of articles (default number is 5)

  • Width of the widget (default width is 225 pixels)

  • Whether you want to display the full text or just the headings and titles


3. Customise the widget colour scheme if required.


4. Get the embed code.



Part 3

Paste the embed code into a plain text editor (e.g. Notepad, Text Edit, Text Wrangler) and save the file with a .html extension e.g. ohsnewsfeed3.html.

Upload the file to the Document Manager on the page where you want to embed the feed.

 Open the HTML view of the page editor and create an iframe using the following piece of code:


<div><iframe src="/DataStore/Pages/CLASS_542/Docs/Documents/ohsnewsfeed3.html" width="100%" height="270" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" id="googleframe" tabindex="-1"></iframe></div>


Edit the bold sections of the code as follows:

  1. Replace Class_542 with the ID of the page where the html file has been uploaded. (If this is the website home page then this will be PAGE_1).

  2. Replace ohsnewsfeed3.html with the name of the html file that was uploaded to the Document Manager.


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