Google Calendar: How to embed

This article provides step-by-step instructions which explain how to embed a Google calendar into an Ultranet page. 

Step 1: Setting up your Google Calendar

  1. In Google, go to My Calendars and select the calendar you want to embed.
  2. Choose Calendar Settings from the dropdown menu on the right of the calendar title bar.
  3. Navigate to this section of the page and click on Customize the colour, size and other options.
  4. Customise the calendar as required by selecting from the options available in the panel on the left of the screen.
  5. Copy the HTML code provided in the box above the calendar.



Step 2: Embedding the Calendar into your Ultranet Page

  1. Return to Ultranet.
  2. Open the page tools menu.
  3. Select Edit content and layout.
  4. Drag the Embed widget where you want the calendar to appear on the page.
  5. Paste the code for the calendar into the widget.Screen_Shot_2015-06-05_at_10.47.23_am.png
  6. Click 'Check embed code'. When the next window opens, ignore the text box.
  7. Click 'Embed content'.
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