Start of Year Rollover: Refresher notes for eTAP schools

  1.  It is worthwhile spending 5 minutes checking through the settings in Gateway Services in Ultranet, to ensure  you are happy with the username formats (2a) and email settings (3b) that have been specified.
  2.  As your Ultranet site has received data from eTAP previously, your Ultranet groups are already set up for you.
  3.  Interoperability with eTAP doesn't manage your Teacher accounts, so any deletions or additions here will need to be done manually.
  4.  Students accounts in Ultranet for those that have left the school will be disabled or deleted automatically if the accounts were originally created via an upload from eTAP. Whether they are disabled or deleted depends on the setting 2c in Gateway Services - check this before you run the first batch of the year. We recommend that you configure this setting to 'Delete' student accounts if the student is not longer included in the upload from eTAP. This means your cohort of leavers will be automatically deleted in bulk from Ultranet.  Once the leavers have been removed then the settings should be set back to 'Disable student accounts' so that no students are accidentally deleted during the course of the year.
  5. In eTAP check that your synchronisation list has all students ticked. You can find this in Pupils & Data > Pupils. Now go into SMS-LMS Administration > Controls and use the button on the top right of the screen to "Force a Full Update to the LMS".
  6. Finally, check that the schedule settings are still in place - these can be found in eTAP in SMS-LMS Administration > Schedule.
  7. If you have any problems at all running this first batch then please get in touch with us via a support ticket.
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