FAQ: How do I embed a WOW Slider slideshow in my Ultranet page?

Step 1: Generating the source files

Once you have created your slideshow click on the WOW Slider ‘Publish’ icon.
Choose publishing method 1, ‘Publish to folder’, as shown by the following screenshot.


WOW Slider will create the following folder and file structure on your local drive. Note that there are additional subfolders inside the data1 parent folder.


Step 2: Uploading the slideshow files into Ultranet


Open the Page Editor on the page where you want to locate the slideshow.

Open the Document Manager and create a folder structure identical to the one on your local drive.


Upload all of the slideshow files into their correct location in the Document Manager and then, take note of the page ID  shown in the address line (in the exemplar screen shot above this is CLASS_913).

Exit Document Manager window by clicking on the X in the top right corner of the screen.


Step 3: Embedding the slideshow into an iFrame* on the page


Open the HTML tab of the Page Editor

 Create an iframe by pasting the following code on to the page:

<iframe width="700" height="350" tabindex="-1" src="/DataStore/Pages/CLASS_913/Docs/Documents/index.html?p" frameborder="0"></iframe><br />

 Edit the code replacing the page ID (CLASS_913) with the ID of the page you are working on.

Adjust the width and height dimensions as required to display the slideshow correctly. (This will vary according to the style of slideshow you are using).

Exit the Page Editor by saving the changes and then refresh your page to view the slideshow.

* NB: For further information on using iframes refer to this article in our support centre.

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