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RSS stands for Rich Site Summary (or Really Simple Syndication), and is a web standard that allows users to subscribe to website updates instead of having to visit each site of interest to see if there is something new to check out. As such, RSS is often offered on sites such as blogs and online newspapers/magazines. 

Watch this really neat explanation of RSS from Common Craft.

Ultranet supports the RSS standard in the News Centre module, as its contents are often updated and intended for a public audience. The good thing about RSS is that it allows public users (e.g. parents, community) to subscribe to the feeds without having to be added to the school's Ultranet database.

Using RSS, anybody can then be kept up to date with the latest updates in your News Centre without having to browse to the site.


Subscribing to a category feed

  1. Navigate to the News Centre. 


  2. Once the News Centre loads up, you should see a list of news categories along the top of the page.


    Click on the RSS icon (rss.png) beside the category you wish to subscribe to. 

  3. In the resulting pop-up window, select if you would like to receive updates for only notices or articles within this category.


    Alternatively, you can subscribe to both in the same feed by checking both options.

  4. Once you have made your selections, you will need to get the URL for the RSS feed.

    If you are using a desktop-based RSS reader (e.g. Microsoft Outlook, Apple Mail, etc), or a web-based service such as Google Reader, just right-click on the "Click to bookmark" link and copy the URL link. Then, in your RSS reader, add a new feed and use the URL copied as the feed source address.

    If you are using a browser that has an RSS reader already built-in (Internet Explorer 7+, Firefox 2+ and Safari 2-5), simply click on the "Click to bookmark" link and the browser will open the feed in the same window. You can then choose to add it to your bookmarks/favourites.


Recommended RSS Reader apps

Here are some of the most popular stand-alone RSS readers being used:

Some people prefer to keep track of and read their RSS feeds alongside their emails. This is why the major mail clients have an RSS Reader built in, such as:

More and more users are also keeping in touch with news using mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Here are some popular mobile app options:


Note: Although it technically doesn't use the RSS feed to update itself, the official Ultranet Mobile app also includes a reader that pulls Daily Notices and News Articles from the school's News Centre. Users will require an account with Mobile Access enabled in order to log in to the app.
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