FAQ: How do we use the new Sites tab?

The Sites tab has been introduced into Ultranet with the release of version 2.5. It is one of 3 quick access tabs located on the dashboard.


The first tab, Pages, contains the links to the root level class pages to which the user has access.

The Sites tab is designed to contain quick links to specific subpages so that a user no longer has to navigate down through a hierarchical structure to access the page. Links on the Sites tab are added by a teacher (or an administrator) and are visible to all users who are able to view the page.

The Favourites tab provides a location for users to create their own set of quick links.

Adding a link to the Sites tab

  • Open the Page Tools icon and select General settings from the Admin Options menu.

  • Click on the Settings tab and enable the 'view as a site checkbox' and then update the page. A link to the page will be automatically added to the Sites tab for all users who have access to the page.Screen_Shot_view_as_a_site.png
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