FAQ: Does Ultranet support Internet Explorer 10?

Microsoft has recently updated its native web browser, Internet Explorer, to version 10. It ships by default on any new Windows 8 device, and is available as an upgrade option for devices running Windows 7 (Windows Vista and Windows XP are not supported). Internet Explorer 10 (IE10) offers many improvements in terms of security, speed and support for new web technologies such as HTML5. Generally speaking, these are all great and positive things.

However, when using IE10 with Ultranet 2.4.4 or older, you may experience compatibility issues with functions such as page editing. This is due to adjustments made by Microsoft to the browser engine, which have subsequently caused conflicts in some previously stable components.

What can you do about it?

You have two options if this affects you or your school community:

  1. To ensure seamless compatibility moving forward with IE10, you will need to request an upgrade to Ultranet 2.4.5 (or higher). Submit a ticket to our Service Desk to make this request, and we will book in a time with you.

  2. Temporarily work around the issue by slipping your IE10 browser into IE9 compatibility mode:

    1. Launch IE10 and load up your Ultranet site.

    2. Press the F12 button on your keyboard, then locate the "Browser Mode" menu in the resulting Developer Tools window. Click on it and select the "Internet Explorer 9" option.


      Next, in the "Document Mode" menu immediately to the right of this, select the "Internet Explorer 9 standards" option. Once these two options are set, you can close the Developer Tools window (or press F12 again).

    3. Your page should have refreshed and will now operate without the same problems encountered whilst in IE10 standard mode. 

Note: Don't forget that Ultranet also works very well on alternative third-party browsers for Windows such as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. So if you can't or don't wish to upgrade your Ultranet site, and don't want to bother with IE10 compatibility settings, you can just download one of those other browsers that are unaffected by the recent changes implemented by Microsoft.
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