Troubleshooting: Sign In button not operating (Internet Explorer)

\When utilising Internet Explorer, the Sign In button may cease to operate or not allow the user to enter their credentials. A browser error may be thrown, indicating a script conflict.

Error message details thrown by DivX Web Player plug-in conflict

This is a known issue caused by the DivX Web Player plug-in, and only affects users who have downloaded and installed this plug-in to their browser.


The immediate solution is to disable the DivX Web Player plug-in:

  1. Open Internet Explorer, then click on the "Tools" menu, then select "Manage Add-Ons".

  2. In the resulting pop-up window, scan for the DivX Web Player plug-in in the listing.

  3. Once located, select the plug-in, then click the "Disable" option along the bottom.

Close the window and refresh the Ultranet page, after which the Sign In button should operate as normal again.

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