FAQ: Why can I not insert Javascripts in the Page Editor?

If you've tried to insert Javascript code into the HTML view of the Page Editor, you may have noticed that it gets automatically stripped out.

The reason for this is that because Ultranet itself is a web application that utilises Javascript, there is a high risk of poorly formatted or conflicting Javascript code being inserted into the page and either causing unusual disruptions to the page loading or rendering the entire page inaccessible in the worst case.

To avoid these issues, the Page Editor simply strips out any non-supported code.


One possible workaround if you absolutely must use/insert your own Javascript is to place the unsupported code into a separate HTML file. Then, upload this HTML into the Document Manager and then reference it as the source within an iframe.

This will effectively be loading up an 'external' HTML page with whatever Javascript coding you require operating on it, and it will not conflict with the Ultranet application.

For further details and instructions on how to achieve this, please read this article.

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