Embedding "Hot Potatoes" files

To upload a Hot Potatoes file so that they are embedded in the page, carry out the following steps:

  1. Within the page editor, click on the 'Document Manager' icon.
  2. Create a new folder and title it 'Hot Potatoes' or something else suitably identifiable as being for Hot Potatoes files.
  3. Upload the two files for the Hot Potatoes into this folder - one file will have a .htm extension, and the other will have a .jqz extension.
  4. Copy the File Path that can be found towards the top of the Document Manager - it will start '/DataStore/Pages/CLASS.......'. Also note the .htm filename which you wish to embed (eg. testquiz2.htm).
  5. Click 'Cancel' on the Document Manager and click 'Update Page Content' on the page editor.
  6. Under the 'Resources' module select 'Add a Resource'.
  7. Select the 'Embed Web Object' Tab.
  8. Paste the file path into the 'Source URL' box and add the filename to the end of the extension with a slash, for example "/DataStore/Pages/CLASS_137/Docs/Documents/Hot Potatoes/testquiz2.htm". Take care to ensure that the "http://" which appears by default is removed.
  9. 5.png
  10. Select a folder to put the Resource in or create a new one, specifying the new folder title.
  11. Click 'Create Resource'.

The Hot Potatoes activity will now be part of your Resources module.

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