FAQ: Why does my Bookings timetable CSV file fail validation?

If you have created a CSV file in Microsoft Excel for your Bookings timetable, but find that Ultranet is returning a file validation error, there is a chance that stray commas have been automatically inserted into the document by Excel. These do not appear on screen in Excel, so you will need to re-open the file in a basic text editor like Notepad (Windows) or TextEdit (Mac).

Once opened, check for strings of commas at the end of lines (usually, but not exclusively, the lines for Saturday and Sunday).


If you do find a string of commas at the end of a line, delete all of the trailing commas only, and then re-save the file (make sure it is saved as a CSV file (.csv extension) and not a text document (.txt) or similar.

Once saved, and as long as you have checked for other basic structural errors (refer to the note below), you can re-upload the CSV file into the Administration > Bookings Config > Timetable panel.

Note: Some other common mistakes to check if an error is encountered:
  • There must be no overlaps in the timing blocks (i.e. the starting time of a block cannot be the end time of the preceding block).
  • Blocks should fill the time span of the whole day from midnight (0:00) to 11:59 p.m. (23:59).
  • Time separators must be colons ( : ) not periods ( . ).
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