Compressing Images Ready For the Web (Mac)

When an image is inserted into any webpage, it needs to be resized to less than (or near to) 100KB in size. Most digital cameras take photographs at more than 10 times this size.  If you insert an image into a webpage straight from your digital camera, it will take a long time to load on the page.

The following instructions show you how to use Preview. Preview is available on Mac computers that have Mac OS X or later installed.

These instructions show you how to resize multiple files at once.

Step 1

Make a copy of your original files in a different folder using Finder.  To open a batch of images in Finder, select them all in the window, then right-click and select Open With > Preview.

The images will all open in the same window with thumbnails visible in the sidebar.


Step 2

Click in the sidebar and select all of the thumbnails (Command + A).

Next, from the Tools menu, choose Adjust Size. You’ll be presented with a dialog containing options to resize to all the common screen sizes.


Step 3

To save all the resized images at once, go to the File menu and select Save All.


You’re done! These images are now ready to insert into your Ultranet pages.

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