Compressing Images Ready For the Web (Windows)

When an image is inserted into any webpage (WebSpace or ClassSpace), it needs to be resized to less than (or near to) 100KB in size. Most digital cameras take photographs at more than 10 times this size. If you insert an image into a webpage straight from your digital camera, it will take a long time to load on the page.

The following instructions show you how to use Microsoft Office Picture Manager. Picture Manager is available on computers that have Microsoft Office 2003 or later installed.

These instructions show you how to resize multiple files at once.

  1. Find the photos you wish to resize on your computer, and make a copy of them into a new folder.

    New Picture1.png

  2. Go into this duplicate folder and select all the images. This can be done by dragging a box around them all until they are all highlighted. Right-click on them and select "Open With > Microsoft Office Picture Manager".

    New Picture2.png

  3. Click on the Thumbnails image, and you will see all the images you have opened. Click “Edit > Select All” to be able to resize all images at once.


  4. Click on the Edit Pictures icon.


  5. In the subsequent pane, select “Resize” under “Change picture size”.


  6. From the “Predefined width x height:” list, select either Web – Large or Web – Small, depending on the size of the area on the webpage you wish the picture to be displayed. Click OKto make changes to all images.


  7. Click File > Save All to accept the changes to the images. The resized images are now ready to upload online.


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