ClassSpace: Updating class group permissions

As a new school year rolls around, Ultranet Class Pages that are being reused will often need to be re-configured to remove the previous year's students, as well as grant access to the new students. 

The following article outlines the steps to achieve this from within your own Class Page.

Note: The new student groups must have already been imported into your Ultranet system by an Administrator, either through a CSV Import or SMS-LMS Interoperability.

Part 1. Changing group access settings

  1. Navigate to your Class Page that is being re-used for the new year. From the Page Tools menu, select "Set page access".


  2. From the resulting pop-up window, click on the "Select group to add..." drop-down menu.


    Type or scroll to search for the new group you wish to add to the page. Once located, select it and then click the "Add" button towards the right of the menu.

  3. Once the new group has been added, you can now clear out the old group. Hover over the group to be removed, then click on the Trash icon towards the right.


    Page permissions will now have been updated, and all students in the new group will be able to see and access your Class Page when they sign in.

Part 2. Inheriting permissions to sub pages

In most cases, Class Page will have sub pages that also need to be made accessible to the new group members (including yourself). To make all child pages inherit the new permissions from the parent page:

  1. Make sure you are on the root-level or landing page of your class, then click on the Page Tools menu and select "Manage Sub Pages".


  2. In the resulting pop-up window, click on the "Copy Settings" button.


    This will take the permissions of the current page and copy it to all child pages, so all group members can now access all areas of the re-used class.

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