Ultranet 2.4: Automatically adding parent access to pages

Although parents can be granted access to any page in the same manner as any other account type (i.e. being added to the page via group), this can be a time-consuming process to set up. For instance, adding the "Parents" user security group to a class page is not ideal, as it means all parents in the system can see the page, instead of just the parents with students in the class. Alternatively, adding only those parents into the class group would take a while to achieve, and would need to be revisited every time a student moves class or timetables change.

The automated Parent access toggle is provided on all WebSpace and ClassSpace pages to make this process a lot quicker. In essence, the toggle simply checks to see what Student accounts currently have access to the page being worked on, and then it gives their associated Parent accounts immediate view access to that page. So if you have a class of 20 students, and you only want their parents to see the page, as soon as you enable the automated Parent access feature this type of access will be granted. 

Better still, should the students in the class change (e.g. 2 students leave, 1 new student joins), the parent access settings get updated automatically—you don't have to re-trigger the action or update Group Admin settings!

Enabling automated Parent access

To enable the automated Parent access functionality:

  1. On the page you are working with, go to the Page Tools menu and select "Page options".

  2. On the "Current Page Access" tab, locate the automated Parent access setting towards the bottom of the panel, then enable the checkbox shown.


    The setting is applied immediately, so you can simply close the Page Options window once your selection is made.

Setting advanced Parent permissions

As mentioned above, Parents have view-access only to the page by default. However, in some situations or contexts, you may want to include parents in class activity. There are three modules in which Parent accounts can participate in whilst still having basic View-Only access: submitting or replying to Discussion forum posts, editing contents in the Wiki and commenting on Media Gallery items.

Each of these advanced permissions can be toggled individually. To do so:

  1. On the page you are working with, go to the Page Tools menu and select "Page options".

  2. On the "Current Page Access" tab, click on the "Toggle advanced Parent permissions" link towards the bottom-right.

  3. In the subsequent panel, review the three modules listed and check the corresponding boxes for modules you would like parents to interact with.


    Your selections will be saved immediately.

  4. Once you have made your selections, click on the "Back to Page Access" link towards the top-right. 

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