Calendar module: Enabling public subscription/extraction of events (v2.4)

Calendars in Ultranet can be set up on publicly-accessible pages, thereby allowing non-authenticated users to browse and view event details. However, on some occasions, public users may find it useful to subscribe to a school's calendar so that updates are received automatically, or to export events into their own calendar application.

This functionality is disabled by default on all Page Calendars, so to enable public access to the "Subscribe/Download" buttons:

  1. Navigate to the page that contains the relevant Calendar module.

  2. Click on the module's "Options" link, then select the "Edit Calendar Settings" option.


  3. In the subsequent pop-up window, click the "Allow public users to subscribe" checkbox, then click the "Update Calendar" button.


    Users will now be able to subscribe to or download event feeds from this calendar without requiring an Ultranet account.

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