Calendar module: Subscribing/exporting from Page Calendars (v2.4)

As with items entered on the Personal Calendar, users have the ability to take events from any Ultranet Page Calendar and bring them across to external calendar applications (e.g. Microsoft Outlook or Apple iCal) that support subscription feeds or importing an ICS file download.

Subscribe vs. Download

The subscription option allows the calendar client to view Ultranet events as a separate synchronised calendar. This means it won't merge Ultranet events into your local personal calendar, but will appear as an additional calendar layer (depending on your client app).

A subscribed calendar automatically synchronises at regular intervals, which means if a new event gets added in Ultranet, it will also appear in your desktop calendar application without manual intervention. 

On the other hand, if your calendar client does not support this function, downloading an ICS copy of your events provides you a single snapshot of events in the Ultranet calendar which can then be imported into other calendar applications.

The only difference here with the subscription option is that exported calendar file does not automatically synchronise (i.e. if changes are made on the Ultranet calendar, you will need to trigger another export and replace the previous file manually).

Extracting the subscribe/export Calendar feed

Obtaining the subscription URL or export file is very straightforward:

  1. Navigate to the Ultranet page that holds the calendar you wish to extract events from.

  2. Locate the Calendar module, then click on the relevant "Subscribe" or "Download" link, shown beneath the Calendar title.


  3. In the subsequent pop-over panel, you can select how many past events will be included in the feed (previous 2 weeks, 1 month or 3 months).


    Alternatively, you can specify a custom date range (choose a Start and End date) and only events within that time period will be included.


  4. Once you have made your selection, a file will either be downloaded or a prompt to open the file directly in your mail client.

Note: Regardless of which of the three basic extract options you select (2 weeks back, 1 month back, 3 months back), the calendar feed will always include all future events.
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