ClassSpace: How to tell which class pages parents can access

If you or your school have adopted a more 'open' approach to including parents in daily school activity, then chances are you will be allowing Parent accounts to access Virtual Classrooms or non-public WebSpace pages. However, because access is set on a page-by-page basis, you may lose track of what has been shared with parents and what hasn't.

In order to give page editors a quick 'at a glance' indication of the current page's status, a Parent Access icon has been introduced (version 2.4) on all WebSpace and ClassSpace pages. The icon is located on the Page Breadcrumbs toolbar, right beside the Page Tools icon.


The Parent Access icon has two possible states:

ParentIndicator-Private.png Private - this means the page you are currently viewing or working on is not accessible by any Parent accounts.
ParentIndicator-Shared.png Shared - this means the page you are currently viewing or working on is accessible by at least one Parent account.

So if you just want to make a quick check before posting or editing something, take a look at the Parent Access icon state. And don't worry if you can't remember which icon state means what—simply hover over the icon and it will tell you!


Note: Parents can either be granted page access by group (e.g. adding the "Parents" group to the page, or adding a Parent account into a class group) or by using the automated Parent Access toggle.
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