Embedding eTV video into Ultranet pages

eTV is a powerful on-line teaching and learning tool that provides real-time and real-life teaching resources through recorded TV programmes, live channels and library videos, available to be viewed, embedded and downloaded. Visit for more details.

eTV video content can easily be embedded into Ultranet pages (within Page Content) using the following steps:

  1. Select the video you wish to embed from within eTV and click on the Get Embed Code link on the left hand side.


  2. From the subsequent window, highlight and copy the embed code that is shown in the text field.


  3. Sign in to Ultranet and navigate to the page you wish to embed the video in. Once there, bring up the Page Editor (click on Page Tools > Edit Page Content).

  4. Switch to HTML mode by clicking on the view toggle towards the bottom-left.

  5. Paste the embed code copied from Step 2 above into the HTML area where you want the video to appear (e.g. at the bottom of the text). You can see what this will look like if you switch back to Design view. Once happy with the result, click Update Page Content to save changes.

Note: If you wish to embed the video at a later date, you can save the embed code in a text file for future use.
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