Folio Tasks: Providing feedback

One of the great things about setting Folio Tasks is that you can see a student's progress on a page before they submit it. This allows teachers to give appropriate guidance or assistance where required before a task or assessment is submitted. 

Once completed, the Folio Tasks module also allows teachers to leave formal comments and feedback alongside the work. These can then be made visible for Parents to read through and join the discussion, or for buddies to read through and gain helpful tips.

The following article outlines a model scenario where a template page has been distributed via the Folio Tasks for students to complete.

Note: For further details on creating and publishing Folio Tasks, please check out this article.


Browsing through in-progress/completed Folio Tasks

At any point after a Folio Task has been published, you can preview the page state for each of the students/assignees. This means even if the individual page has not been marked as 'completed' and submitted, you can still preview what it looks like and make additions/edits to it.

To browse through all Folio Tasks:

  1. Navigate to the Folio Tasks section in uSpace.


  2. Next, click on the relevant Folio Task you have published from the Section/Chapter list presented.


  3. In the resulting view, you will see a list of the task assignees presented in the left sidebar. Towards the right in the main display area, it will show the currently selected student's Folio Task page.


    To view another student's page, simply click on their name in the sidebar.

  4. Filter the sidebar list by using the toggles provided, or enter a student's name in the search field to narrow results.


Adding teacher feedback to a Folio Task

Because the ePortfolio can be used as an ongoing showcase and record of learning, it is often useful for the students to have feedback from teachers alongside their work to help plan next learning steps. Here is a way to add such feedback to the Portfolio page:

  1. Navigate to the specific Folio Task submission that you wish to comment on (using the steps outlined above).

  2. Next, click on the Page Tools menu and select the "Edit Page" option.


  3. In the subsequent window, add your formal feedback  in the Teacher Comment text field towards the bottom-right. This area is only editable by Teacher/Administrator accounts, so students will not be able to alter the text entered here.

    There is also an option to make the feedback visible to the student's buddies. This will suit circumstances where the feedback is not too personalised and could benefit other students too.


    Alternatively, you could add contextual comments or edits straight in the main editor area towards the left. The only difference here is that the editable area is shared with students, so your comments or edits may get removed or further manipulated by the student if they wish.

  4. Once you have completed entering your feedback, click the Update button. Your comments will either appear in the page area or in the dedicated Teacher Comments block at the bottom of the portfolio page.


Publishing completed Folio Tasks to student Portfolios

Once a Folio Task has been completed, and feedback provided by the teacher, the last step is to send the work back to the student. This process involves sending a copy of the Folio Task to the student's uSpace Portfolio:

  1. Navigate to the individual student's Folio Task submission that you wish to publish.

  2. Click on the "Publish to student's Portfolio" link at the top of the page. 


    This will send a copy of the Folio Task—including any comments or edits made—to the student's uSpace Portfolio. It will be filed under the Section/Chapter specified in the Folio Task.

    Alternatively, to publish all Folio Tasks to assignees in one go, click the Publish all to Portfolio button at the bottom of the left sidebar.


Note: Please be aware that the 'Publish' function essentially sends a copy of the Folio Task to the student. Your master copy within the Folio Task is effectively independent from the published version. This means even if the student makes further edits or additions to the published copy in their Portfolio, your 'official' copy handed in through the Folio Tasks module will not be updated or modified.
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