News Centre: Managing News Articles (v2.8+)

News Articles can be posted to the News Centre as a way to communicate long-form information such as weekly school happenings, notable student achievements and recent sporting or arts events. In this sense, they provide a digital newsletter on your site that is easily published to any subscriber via the web or RSS.

Creating a News Article

  1. Navigate to the News Centre, then click on the Page Tools icon towards the top-right and select the Submit Article option.


  2. In the subsequent window, enter a Title for the article and then type the article body text in the Description field provided.


  3. Once you have finished composing your article, choose the News Centre Section you wish to publish the article under.

  4. Finally, should you wish to add an image to the article to make it a little more interesting to readers, click the Choose File button towards the right and select the image to upload. You can also specify a caption for the image in the text field below.

  5. Once you have made the necessary edits, click the Create button to save and publish your article.

Editing a News Article

To edit an existing News Article:

  1. Navigate to the article by clicking on its title from the main News Centre page.

  2. Once the article loads up, click the "Edit Article" link immediately beneath the article title at the top.


  3. In the subsequent window, you can make edits to the article title, description, change the section its posted in, or alter/remove the attached image.

  4. Once you have performed the necessary edits, click the Update button to save and exit.

Note: Unless you are an Administrator or a News Centre Moderator, you will only be able to edit articles that you posted yourself.
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