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uSpace Portfolio pages are a great way to showcase evidence of student learning and to encourage feedback/collaboration around such work. However, sometimes the work needs to start from a common template that all students begin with (e.g. a scaffolded question grid, or a page outline that needs to be filled in with personalised content). 

In these instances, instead of asking students to copy and paste this template into their own Portfolio page (or setting it up for each student one at a time), you can use the Folio Tasks feature in uSpace to author the template and then distribute it to anyone with a uSpace account... all in one process.

Folio Tasks function in a similar way to the Tasks module: they both have an outline/summary, and a start and due date. The task is also assigned to a list of users, and teachers can track individual progress through the task.

The main difference is that instead of students submitting a homework file, they are working online in the page editor itself—essentially producing a web page as the submission, a copy of which can be saved in the student's uSpace Portfolio. Once published to the Portfolio, it means that the finished work can then be shared and commented on by teachers and parents, or also by buddies.

Creating and publishing Folio Tasks

  1. Navigate to uSpace, then select the Folio Tasks item from the top navigation tabs.


  2. Next, click on the Page Tools icon and select the "Create Task" option.


  3. Once the page editor loads up, begin by creating the template in the HTML area on the left. This part of the Folio Tasks editor is essentially the same as the Page Editor in the Portfolio, so think of it as what you want the students to see when they visit the page (e.g. an introductory paragraph explaining what to do, or a table grid with 'answer' areas to be filled in, etc).


  4. When you have completed editing the page area of the Folio Task, shift to the sidebar on the right where you can give your Folio Task a title and also a brief description if necessary (e.g. "Reading Log #2" / "This is our second reading response from Term 1").

  5. Use the next checkbox to set if you wish to have buddies of each student able to see the completed Folio Task by default once it is published to the Portfolio.


    Note: This switch only sets the default state when published. Students can override this setting on their own Portfolio page after it is published anyway (i.e. they can edit their copy of the Folio Task and change the sharing/publish settings of their copy). However, this will not affect your master copy that resides inside the Folio Task area.
  6. In the next portion of the sidebar, you will need to specify which Section and Chapter this Folio Task will file itself under once it hits the student's Portfolio. You can either choose from your own existing Sections/Chapters, or create a new label accordingly.

  7. Finally, set the start and end dates/times for the Folio Task to be made available. This is the period in which the assignees can see and complete the Task. Once you have set this, click the Create Folio Task button to proceed. 

  8. A pop-up box will now prompt you to select who to publish the Folio Task to. You can either type in individual names, or group names. If a match is found, it will be displayed in the selection box for you to choose.


    Once you have selected all the users you wish to publish the Folio Task to, click the Publish Task button to complete the process.

    Note: Once a task is published, its assignee list cannot be modified without re-assigning the task to the original recipient list. Although no work will be lost, some users might get confused by the duplication. So make your selection with care!

Once published, your Folio Task will be shown in the main listing under the Folio Tasks tab in uSpace. Click on the task title to open the previewer, where you can also click through the list of assignees to see their current progress on the task.

Publishing Folio Tasks to users' Portfolios

Once a Folio Task is complete, and you have 'marked' it or reviewed it, the finished result can be published to the submitter's Portfolio in the corresponding Section/Chapter (as specified above).

  • To publish an individual page to a user's Portfolio, use the "Publish to student's Portfolio" link displayed at the top of the preview panel.


  • To publish all submissions to all students, use the Publish all to Portfolio button in the bottom left corner, beneath the student list.



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