Discussions module: Adding media to a thread

Discussion threads in WebSpace or ClassSpace are not restricted to being spurred by text-based posts. With the Media function built-in to the module, you can now attach photos, videos or audio files to support or kick-start a conversation in a thread.

Here's how to add media into a Discussion thread:

  1. Open/start a thread in the Discussion module.

  2. When viewing the posts in Thread View, click on the "Add Media" button towards the top-right.


  3. In the resulting pop-up window, browse for and select the media to upload. This can either be individual files or bulk images via ZIP archive (see the acceptable file-types in the list displayed).


  4. Once uploaded, the media will display in preview across the top of the thread.


    They will also be available under the dedicated "Media" tab, where the contents can be browsed though in a similar fashion to the Media Gallery.


Deleting a media item from the thread

To delete media items from the thread:

  1. Open the Discussion thread and go to the "Media" tab.

  2. Select the media object to be removed from the thumbnail browser, then click on the "Delete" button that appears beneath the file.

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