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Modified on Jul-11 2011
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This article has been subsequently updated from the original to reflect alterations or functionality added in a recent Ultranet software upgrade.

If the instructions or functionality described below do not appear to match your Ultranet site, it may need to be upgraded to the latest build. If so, please ask your Ultranet administrator to contact us.

The Bookings module provides a medium for browsing through and reserving school resource items (e.g. data projectors, meeting rooms, library visits, etc.) in a secure online portal, so all relevant users can easily access and view the booking sheets. 

If enabled on your site, you will see the link to the Bookings module along your top Navigation Menu towards the left of your "My Dashboard" link (your school menu design may differ from the following illustration):


Navigating the Bookings module window

To view resource items in the Bookings module:

  1. Click on the "View Bookings" button in the Navigation Menu.

  2. In the resulting pop-up window, you will see a list of all the available Resource Categories on the left. Hovering over any of these will expand and display its contents towards the right.


    Once you have found the resource that you want to view, either click on its title to open the current week, or choose from one of the term shortcuts beneath it.

  3. Next, you will see the Bookings window.


    • The currently selected week will be displayed in the main panel area. 

    • The sidebar on the right allows you to switch between other resources within the currently open category.

    • The Term Navigator along the bottom allows you to switch to different views other than the currently open week. The current selection is indicated with a blue highlight.

  4. If there is an existing booking in the currently viewed week, simply click on it to bring up its details.

  5. To go back to the categories listing, use the "Back to Categories" button on the top-right. 

Tip: If a description has been set for the resource item, you can hover over the resource title/image in the sidebar to read the details.

Adding a booking

To create a resource booking:

  1. Open the Bookings module and navigate to the resource item you wish to book, and the week you wish to book it in. Click on the Term Navigator to close it.

  2. Hover over the day/time block you wish to make the booking in, and click on the highlighted block.


  3. In the resulting pop-up window, you will be prompted to enter some details for the booking. 


    Although this is optional, the details can be useful if someone else wants to know what the item is being used for/which class, etc. You will also be able to choose if the booking is a recurring one (see further details in section below).

  4. Once you have entered the necessary details, click the "Create Booking" button at the bottom to save and submit.

Note: If moderation has been enabled for the item you are booking, then your booking will appear as 'pending'. Additionally, nobody else will be able to book in that time block whilst it is in 'pending' state. The administrator/moderator in charge will have to approve your booking before it is locked into the booking schedule. 

Creating recurring bookings

If you are adding a booking that repeats on a regular basis, there is the option to specify this when making the booking, using the drop-down selection menu provided:


In the menu itself, there are a maximum of four repetition options:


Selecting any of those will then provide you with the date-selection field to customise when the repeat rule extend till:


Once you have entered the details required, click the "Create Booking" button as above to save and submit.

Note: The options to repeat "Every day" and "Every day (skipping weekends)" will only appear if the resource category you are in is using the default hourly timetable. If a custom timetable is used (e.g. one that shows the custom period start/end times in your school), then the Bookings module will not be able to calculate this option.

Extending a booking time

Should a booking need to extend beyond the default time-block selected, and there are empty time-blocks immediately beneath the booking, then you can click and drag the handle displayed at the bottom of the booking.


Release the handle when you are hovering over the block you wish the booking to end in, and the booking time will automatically snap and update to that region.

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