Relabel existing group name (Dashboard)

On some occasions, the need may arise to change an Ultranet group's name (e.g. due to a typo or to make an unintelligible SMS naming code more user-friendly). For these situations, there is the ability to relabel group names directly from the Dashboard.

NOTE: This functionality is disabled by default for teachers. If you do not see the panels described below and you do not have Administrator rights, please see your site administrator to enable this feature (see further instructions here).
  1. Go to your Dashboard, and select "My Admin Tools" along the right.


  2. Select the "Manage Group Labels" tab. You will be presented with a list of all the groups whose names you have access to relabel.


    To narrow down the list, you can use the keyword search provided and/or the filters to toggle SMS-created or user-created groups.

  3. Once you have found the group, click on the corresponding "Rename" link on the right.

  4. In the resulting pop-up window, enter the new label in the field provided, then click the "Rename Group" button to save changes.


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