Topics module: Creating and editing topics

Creating and editing of topics is performed on the same panel. Ensure the Topics module is activated on the page before proceeding with the steps below.

Creating a page Topic

  1. Click on the module "Options" link, then select the "Create / Edit Topics" option.

  2. For a newly activated module with no pre-existing topics, the resulting pop-up window will immediately display the options to create a new topic.


    The only compulsory field is the 'Topic Name'. The other parameters can be filled in later if need be, and are only there to provide additional context to the topic so that page visitors can understand its purpose or contents.

    Once the necessary details have been filled in, click the "Create Topic" button to save and proceed. 

  3. To add an additional topic, click on the "+" tab on the right of the existing topics listed along the top, then fill in the details as per step 2 above.

Note: Topics are displayed in alphabetical order, so display order can be controlled by editing the topic titles and/or adding numerical prefixes (e.g. "1. Introduction, 2. Details" etc).

Editing an existing Topic

  1. Click on the module "Options" link, then select the "Create / Edit Topics" option.

  2. Select the topic to be edited from the list to display its particular details. Screen Shot Topics.pngScreen_Shot_Topic_details.png

  3. Edit the topic name/subtitle/description/image or sub-topics as required, then click "Update Topic" when finished to save changes.


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