Topics module: Change page link display order in Sub-Topic

Should you wish to change the display order of page links within a Sub-Topic, functionality is included within the Topics module to achieve this:

  1. Click on the module "Options" link, then select the "Create / Edit Topics" option.

  2. Select the topic to be edited, then click on the "Sub-Topic" button.

    Screen Shot sub categories arrow.png

  3. In the next panel, hover over the Sub-Topic to be edited and click on its corresponding 'Edit' icon to the top right.


  4. Towards the left side of the resulting pop-up window, you will see a vertical listing of the page links within the select Sub-Topic. To move any one of those, simply hover over the link and click and drag upwards or downwards.


    The display order will update dynamically to reflect where the page will display when dropped.

  5. Once you have made the necessary changes, click the "Save" button, then the "Update Sub-Topic" button before closing the window.

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