Topics module: Adding/removing page links from a Sub-Topic

Page links can only be added to the Topics module if a Sub-Topic and its corresponding parent Topic have been created. If this process hasn't been completed yet, see instructions here. Otherwise, the following steps can be followed to set up and customise the Sub-Topic page links.

Adding a page link to an existing sub page

  1. Click on the module "Options" link, then select the "Create / Edit Topics" option.

  2. Select the topic to be edited from the list, then click on the "Sub-Topics" button.

  3. Hover over the Sub-Topic to be edited and click on its corresponding 'Edit' icon to the top right.

  4. If the Topics module is enabled on a page that had pre-existing sub pages, those pages will be shown as a menu tree towards the right side of the window.


    To add one of those pages as a link, browse through the menu tree displayed and hover over the intended page, then click on the 'Link page' icon that appears to the right.


Creating new pages within the Topics module

If the current page is new or does not have any pre-existing sub pages, you can create pages directly from within the Topics module.

  1. Follow steps 1-3 as above for 'Adding an existing sub page', but in the View Sub-Topics window, you should see nothing listed on the right side.


  2. Click on the "Create new Page" link on the top right.

  3. Give the new page a title, then click "Create this page" to proceed. You can now link this page as per step 4 above. 

Tip: You can also create a new page as a sub page of an existing sub page, rather than as an immediate sub page beneath the current one.

To do so, simply browse through the menu tree as displayed, and hover over the page you would like to create a sub page for. Towards the right of the page title, you will see the 'Add Sub Page' icon (plus-circle.png). Click on this and follow the on-screen prompts to complete the process.

Removing a page link

  1. Follow steps 1-3 as above for 'Adding an existing sub page' to get to the View Sub-Topic window.

  2. Browse for the page link to be removed on the left, then hover over its title.

  3. Click on the 'Remove link' icon that appears the right, then click the "Save" button to update the topic.


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