Media Gallery: Deleting media items (Ultranet 2.3.4)

To remove particular media items from a Media Gallery album:

  1. Open the album and make sure you are in Grid view.


  2. Hover over the media item to be deleted and click on the Trash icon that appears to the top-right. The media thumbnail should turn semi-transparent as a result (clicking on the red minus icon de-selects the item).


  3. Repeat this process for any other media files contained in the album that you wish to delete.

  4. When you have completed your selection, proceed to the bottom-right corner of the album window where you will see a summary count of the items selected, and an "Undo" and "Delete" button:


    • Click "Undo" to clear your selection of all files flagged to be deleted.
    • Click "Delete" to proceed and delete all the flagged files.
Warning: This will permanently delete all the selected media files. Make sure you have copies of the media items should you wish to archive those.
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