Dashboard: Layout

Once you sign in, you’ll go straight to your Dashboard. It’s your own, personal access panel allowing you to check current activity and messages at a glance; communicate with other users and access your virtual class spaces. No-one else can access your Dashboard.


Breadcrumb trail

This is the pathway that, at a glance, shows you where you are in your Ultranet site to increase ease of navigation.

Account information

This area provides access to your account settings, preference and states your last log in time and if you have any messages.


Notices regarding relevant activity appear here for quick reference

Current Tasks

Any tasks running in the virtual classrooms you have access to will appear here for quick reference.


This internal search engine allows not only for searchig within your Ultranet site, but also DigitalNZ (more about this).

Dashboard menu

This menu allows you access to your messages and calendar, along with your account settings.

My Classes

This is a clickable list of the virtual classrooms you have access to.

Note: If a user is not part of a group that has access rights to a page, then the Class Page will not be visible to that user on their dashboard.
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