uSpace: Setting up the Portfolio

The uSpace Portfolio enables students and teachers to record and share work samples, their learning stories and academic achievements with their immediate community.

  1. Setting up the Portfolio is quick and easy.  The Portfolio feature is fully customisable so that you can organise it according to its purpose.  You can organise your Portfolio into Sections, Chapters and Pages.


  2. Creating sections, chapters and pages is a similar process.  Once you have named a chapter, you will need to indicate which section it will sit within. Once a page is named, you will need to indicate which chapter it will sit within.


  3. Select the page you want to add content to, and click the Page Tools icon. Select Edit Page to access the editor screen in order to add content.


    The subsequent window provides an editor with which to add your content.


  4. You can use the upload managers to upload content into your portfolio page quickly.


  5. In the same editing page that you use to add content, there are options to further organise your portfolio page and the access to it.  The owner of the portfolio page is able to select whether or not comments can be left on the artefact. The owner can allow all of their buddies to see the page, only their parents and teachers or can select specific users.  These settings can be changed at any time.


In the example below, the student has given permission to two buddies to view the page.


  • uSpace buddies can view their buddies’ Portfolios.

  • Parents can view their own child’s uSpace profile, including the Portfolio element, but they cannot view anyone else’s uSpace portfolio.

  • By granting access to many buddies, the channels of communication are open for feeding forward and feeding back.

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