FAQ: How can I embed my PowerPoint presentation?

Microsoft PowerPoint presentations can be embedded into webpages using a tool called iSpring Free - a free PowerPoint to Flash converter.  By using this tool, you will preserve the animations and styling of your presentation, and easily make them viewable in your webpage.

Step 1

iSpring Free can be downloaded at


Note: Check with your school network administrator before downloading this software.

Follow the on-screen instructions to install, and on opening PowerPoint you will see a new tab along the top of the screen.

Step 2

When you are ready to publish your presentation, select the iSpring Free tab and click "Publish".


This will allow you to specify where the Flash file is saved, the slide range etc. Publish when you're ready.

Step 3

The published files will include a SWF file.  This is the Flash file you will need to upload into your Ultranet page using the Flash Manager in the Page Editor.  Further guidance on using the Flash Manager can be found here.

Note: This Flash file is not editable - any changes required will need to be in the original PowerPoint file and re-published.


Another tool that can be used is - a website that will store your presentations and provide HTML code to allow you to embed it in your webpage.

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