FAQ: How do I get scrolling text on my page?

Scrolling text (marquee) is sometimes used to highlight specific information on a webpage.  To get the effect of scrolling text, you will need to use some html code. For a basic scroll effect, insert the following html code into your Page HTML module (in the HTML viewing pane):

<marquee width="100%" direction="left" loop="infinite" scrollamount="1">
Scrolling Text

  • Insert your own text by pasting it where the words Scrolling Text are.

  • You can change the direction of the text by exchanging the word “left”, with “right”, “up” or “down”.

  • You can change the number of times your text scrolls by exchanging the word “infinite” for a numerical value. For example, if you replace “infinite” with “5”, your text will scroll 5 times and then stop.

  • You can increase the speed at which your text scrolls by increasing the number for scrollamount.

To get further options, try a Google search for the term scrolling marquee. is a good place to start.

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