News Centre: Viewing and browsing News Centre articles (v2.4 - v2.6)

The News Centre of your Ultranet site is the ideal hub to display information both to users who are able to log on to the site, and to members of the public. Articles can be configured and set up by the Administrator into different sections within the News Centre, as well as establishing controlled access so that content can be directed to a particular type of viewer (i.e. different sections for Teachers, Students, Public).

Viewing News Sections

News Centre sections that are available for viewing are displayed as filter tabs along the top of the News Centre page.


The default view is the ‘All’ tab, which compiles and displays Articles and Notices across all the viewable sections. To view Articles and Notices within a particular section, simply click on the corresponding filter tab title, and only the news items for that section will be displayed.

Note: Access to News sections is controlled at the administration level, so if you wish to have access to sections that you can’t currently view, contact your site administrator to configure your account accordingly.

Viewing News Articles

Once in the news section of your choice, you will see a chronological list of all of the news items within that section, with the latest items at the top. The top five items will have a brief extract presented, whilst older news items are listed along the bottom.


To view the full text of any Article individually, simply click on the Article title or the “Read more” link and the content will be displayed in full. If there is an image associated with the article, there will be a Zoom Toggle on the image which will enable you to enlarge it by clicking it.


Towards the right of the full article, you will also see an "Other Articles" section, which will display quick links to the other news articles available, organised by month.


If the archive goes back several months, or there are too many articles to display in one page, use the paging buttons along the bottom to navigate to older articles. Click on any of the titles listed to open and read that article.

Printing News Articles

To print a News Article, ensure that you are in the full-article view. Once there, you will see the “Print Article” option at the top just beneath the article title. Clicking this will open a preview pane and printer options to prepare the print job.

Subscribing to the RSS feeds

Users are able to subscribe to the News Centre sections using an RSS feed. Once this RSS bookmark is added to the user’s RSS reader of choice, they will then receive automated alerts whenever a news section is updated.

Read further details on this here.

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