Page layout: Changing the appearance of the page (-v2.4)

Within each page of Ultranet, whether within WebSpace or ClassSpace, there is great flexibility in how the page looks, and which elements are chosen to build the page.  This ability to individually select both the elements of the page, and how they are displayed within the page, means that each page can be tailored for a particular use, whilst maintaining a professional yet user friendly appearance.

Customising module layout

One of the key functions within the Page Tools is the ability to alter the combination of modules on the page quickly and easily. Select [Change layout] from the menu, and the page will change to display the current module setup for the page.  Change the module order or layout by clicking and dragging modules to the zones outlined on the page. To add a module from the Available Modules section, drag and drop it on the desired zone. To remove a module, simply drag it back to the Available Modules section. Click the [Save & Update Page State] button below when you are done.


Changing page layout templates

Ultranet pages are set by default to have a wider area for content on the left, and a narrower pane on the right for additional modules. This can be changed to suit the content of the page. To do this, simply select a Template from those shown on the left hand side of the Layout Page - there are three available to choose from. Please consider the structure of your page content when deciding on page layout. Click [Save & Update Page State] to save your changes.

The modules will adjust to fit the zone they have been docked in. For the widths of these zones, please refer to the Altering Page Content (Part 1) Quicksheet.

Note: If the top or bottom Zone of the layout is not utilized then it will not be visible on the ClassPage or WebPage, though if any of the other zones are not utilized, a blank space will be displayed on the page.
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