Search feature: Performing a search of Ultranet and beyond

The Search facility in Ultranet can be used to locate specific content from any of the pages, discussion forums or related files that you have authenticated access to. The textbox for searching appears at the top of every page within Ultranet, along the main navigation bar. Results can be previewed from within the Search panel and can be opened directly if required.


Presented results from a search query

Results are presented in groups of ten, and multiple pages will be generated if necessary. The results page will give a brief summary of the content found, along with the type of content it is (source) and a direct hyperlink to it.

Selecting/deselecting the filters to the right of the results will narrow down the search. Filters are available for the results within the Ultranet site and Digital NZ.

Searching beyond Ultranet – Digital NZ

The second tab on the results page will display the results found using the Digital NZ plug-in.


Digital NZ is an initiative that aims to make New Zealand digital content easy to find, share and use. This includes content from government departments, publicly funded organisations, the private sector, and community groups. Ultranet uses the Digital NZ API to make this huge repository of information seamlessly searchable from your Ultranet site.

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