ClassSpace: Why can't I see anything that I have created on my ClassPage?

Now and again, the following query comes up:

"When I go onto my ClassPage and click on 'Edit Page Content' I am able to add content including text pictures and embedded videos, but when I click on 'Save and Update', nothing appears on the Page.  Why is this happening?"

The ClassPage is made up of a series of modules that are 'used' or 'unused' and can be moved around the page enabling it to be personalised. This is carried out under the 'Change Layout' option (located by clicking the pen and paper icon in the top right hand corner of the main page).

In the 'Change Layout' dialog box you will see a Module Bank on the right hand side, which contains the Unused Modules. To see these on your page simply drag and drop them to the desired area of the Page Layout Zone and click 'Save & Update Page State'.


The module that you will need to drag and drop onto the Page layout Zone in order to see what you have created for the main section of the page is the 'Page HTML' Module.

More information regarding page layouts can be found here.

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