News Centre: Submitting a notice (v2.4+)

Creating notices within the News Centre is a great way of communicating relevant information that may change on a daily basis.  The notices appear in a list format, and can be expanded by clicking on them.  Hovering over the notice will indicate who posted the notice, and when.

Creating a Notice

Within the News Centre, click on the Page Tools icon and select Submit Notice.


In the subsequent window, enter the title and description, select the date of the notice using the pop-up calendar and whether the notice appears only once or is repeated every day, every day (skipping weekends), once a week or once a fortnight (this will require an end date to be entered).  Use the section tags dropdown list to allocate the appropriate section.  Sticky notes appear bold and at or near the top of the notices list.

Note: The title of the notice is restricted to a maximum of 80 characters for display purposes, though there is no character restriction with regards to the description.

Click [Create] to create the notice.

Editing a Notice

Click on the notice in question, revealing the 'Edit' or 'Delete' options. Click 'Edit'.


The resulting pop-up window will provide the ability to edit all aspects of the Notice entry, including changing the title and description, the repetition settings, the section which the notice is displayed in and whether it is ‘Sticky’ or not.


Make the appropriate changes and click [Update Sequence].

Deleting a Notice

Click on the notice in question, revealing the 'Edit' or 'Delete' options. Click 'Delete'. The resulting pop-up window will give you the option to delete the individual notice that you selected or, if it has related items in a sequence, the option to delete all of them at once by checking the box labelled ‘Delete all related Notices’.


Make the desired selection and click [Delete].

Printing Notices

To print an A4 version of the Notices, select the day you wish to print from the calendar and click on the PDF icon next to the calendar. A PDF will be generated with all of the Notices for the day you have selected, which you can then print out for hard copy distribution.

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