Working with sub pages

When using the web pages or Virtual Classrooms, sub pages can be used to separate content into a rich, nested menu structure with several layers of sub pages extending out from the root level (parent) page. New sub pages can be created very easily from the parent page, and renaming and deletion can be performed from the sub page itself. All these actions can be found using the Page Tools menu.

Creating a sub page

To add a sub page beneath the currently open page, select the “Create a Sub Page” option from the Page Tools menu. In the subsequent window, enter the title of this new page and click [Create this page].


Renaming a page

To rename a page, select “General Settings” from the Page Tools menu. The current page title will be displayed in a textbox, and it can be altered if required. Click [Update Page Settings] to save your changes.


Deleting a page

If the current page is no longer required, it can easily be deleted from Ultranet. Simply select “Delete this page” from the Page Tools menu. Confirm removal by clicking [Yes, Delete this page].


Changing the order of sub pages

To change the order of sub pages, select “Manage Sub Pages” from the Page Tools menu. Click and drag any menu item up or down to change the page order. Blue ‘guide lines’ will indicate where the page will go when released.

If dropped onto another menu item, it will become a sub page of that item. Changes will be saved as you move menu items.


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