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Wikis are a type of website that allow their users to create and edit content. One use of a wiki is to facilitate a group writing process, where each member of the group takes responsibility for creating their own content, learning from and collaborating with one another and building upon each others’ contributions.

The Wiki module allows this functionality to happen within Ultranet’s Web Pages and Virtual Classrooms. Wikis set up on Web Pages will display static content to anyone not logged in to the Ultranet site. Once logged in, however, the user will be able to contribute to the wiki.


Getting started

To use the Wiki module, a Web Page or Virtual Classroom page needs to be created, and the Wiki module dragged onto the module layout. The module then needs to be activated, ready for use.


Adding/editing wiki content

Once the module has been activated, click the “Options” link and select “Edit Content”.

The resulting pop-up window will display a visual editor for easy content editing. The optional Short Note at the top enables users to give a brief description of the changes they have made. This can be useful when comparing changes between versions. Once the changes/additions have been made, click the [Save] button.



Viewing wiki content versions

Previous versions of the wiki can be viewed if required. This can be useful to see how content has altered over time, and who has made those alterations. To view this list, click on the module “Options” and select “Compare Changes”. A list of all versions will be displayed chronologically in a pop-up window, with the most recent edits at the top. Beside each version is a note of who made the edit and when.


If a Short Note had been added when editing the content, an icon will appear next to the user’s profile picture. Clicking this icon will display the Short Note. To view a previous version, click the appropriate [View Version] button on the right hand side. The pop-up window will then change to display the content, along with giving the option to Restore or Delete. Click the [Back] button to return to the version list.



Comparing changes between versions

It can be useful to visually compare the changes made between two versions. To do this, click on the two versions you wish to compare. This will populate the Compare boxes at the top of the pop-up window.


If a version is incorrectly chosen, it can be removed by clicking the red cross. Once two versions have been selected, the [Compare versions] button appears and can be clicked. The pop-up window will then display the content, indicating removed content in red with a strikethrough, and new content in green.


Restoring a previous version

If a mistake has been made or you wish to roll back the wiki to an earlier version edit, click [View Version] of the corresponding edit. In the resulting version preview panel, click [Restore]. You will be prompted to confirm this restoration.


Note: Restoring a previous version of the wiki does not delete any changes made more recently than this version. The restored version is simply duplicated to become the latest version.
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