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Using the virtual classroom Tasks module teachers can set text-based or media-rich assignments and homework online. An associated messaging thread can be activated to enable students to post questions related to the task and progress can be monitored online via a class list. Students can submit tasks electronically or simply mark the task as complete and hand in a hard copy. 


Getting started

To use the Tasks module, a Web Page or Virtual Classroom page needs to be created, and the Tasks module dragged onto the page layout. The module then needs to be activated, ready for use.

Creating a new task

To create a new task, click “Options” on the right hand side of the module and select “Create a New Task”.



In the subsequent window, you will be prompted to enter a title and the start and end dates and times for the task. Additional options enable online submission of work and use of the Task Message Centre.  Click [Create Task] when details have been entered. The task will then appear in the Task panel on the Classroom page.


Note: If you have created a previous task, there is an option to use this as a template for a new task. To do this, simply click on the second tab in the pop-up window and choose the task from the list.


Tasks are separated into Current, Planned and Archived. Clicking on each heading will change the list displayed on the page. Current tasks display a coloured bar with the elapsed time shown as a percentage. When more than 50% of the time has elapsed, the colour of the bar will change from green to red.


Editing the task outline/settings

To open the task, click on the task title bar. This will open the task Summary. To edit the task, click on the Edit Button.


Once your task summary has been edited, click [Save Changes] to save.


To change the settings of the task, click on the [Settings] button. This will display the settings as they were entered when the task was created. Dates, times and titles can be updated and saved. 

Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 10.25.34 am.png

Viewing student status and work

Teachers are able to monitor the progress of their students within the Task module by clicking on the [Assignees] button. The list of students who have been assigned the task will be generated, including a brief description of their status:

Yet to view this task

Students who have yet to log in and view the task will appear with this label.

Yet to complete this task

Students who have logged in and viewed the task will appear with this label.


Students who have finished the task and flagged their work as completed will appear with this label


To the right of each student’s status is an indication of how many files they have handed in (if applicable).

Downloading submitted work

If a student has submitted one or more files, click on the "Download file” / “Download all files” text next to the student’s status to obtain a copy of the submitted work.

If multiple students have submitted work, click on the [Actions] button and choose “Download files”.


Files and feedback can be returned to the students via the message function built into the Task module.

Messaging students about a task

If the Message Centre plug-in is enabled in the settings of the task, students and teachers can send each other messages relating to the set task. To send a message to a student, click on the “Send Message” link next to the student’s name in the “Assignees” view.


Once sent, messages will appear in the student’s Messaging Inbox on their Toolbar. To send a message to all students who have been assigned the task, click the “Message all students” text at the top right of the panel.

Archiving tasks

Once a task has expired, it can be removed from the Current list and archived. To archive a task, go to the "Settings" screen and click on the  [Options] button. You will be prompted to confirm this action. Once confirmed, the Task will be moved to the Archive list.


Tasks can be restored to the Current list if required by opening the task and clicking on the link text in the top left corner. 


Deleting a task

To permanently delete a task from your page, open the task "Settings" screen. Click on the [Options] button and chose :Delete".  You will be prompted to confirm this action.

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