uSpace: Linking uSpace videos to a Portfolio page

uSpace Videos are a fun way to share footage of class activities, school trips and student reflection. Sometimes, these videos can also have relevance as visual evidence of learning or achievement, and you may want to include them as part of a uSpace Portfolio page.

This tutorial will show you how to create a visual hyperlink in a Portfolio page directly to a uSpace Video on the same profile.

Step 1

Go to your uSpace profile and ensure that you have already uploaded the video you want to link to. Go to your uSpace activity feed and find the notification that relates to the video. Click on the 'Click here to view it' link.  When the video opens,  copy the URL from the address bar. It should look something like the following:

Paste this into a temporary location (e.g. an empty text document).

Step 2

Open the album which contains the video.

Locate the video you want to link to, right-click on the thumbnail image and save it.


Step 3

Next, navigate to your Portfolio section and open up the page you would like the video to link from.

In the page editor, upload and insert the thumbnail image saved in Step 2 above. Position it on the page where you like.

As a hint to people visiting the page, you can add instructions such as “Click the picture to view my video” as a picture caption below.


Step 4

Now to make the picture a clickable hyperlink. Highlight/select the picture, then click the Hyperlink Manager button.

In the resulting pop-up window, paste in the URL copied from Step 1 in the URL field provided. You can leave the rest of the fields as they are and just click OK to save changes.


Step 5

Click [Update Portfolio Page] to save the page. You will now have a video image thumbnail hyperlink which, when clicked on, will take the viewer straight to the uSpace Video.


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