Integrating YouTube videos (v2.7+)

Why integrate YouTube?

YouTube ( can be useful in the classroom or for showcasing your school's culture. You can link to external YouTube videos using the Resources/Links module, or embed (display) YouTube videos directly on your website page/s using the Embed module. We recommend embedding videos as this gives you more control over hiding YouTube advertising, links and comments, keeping things relevant for users and suitable for students. 

Embedding a YouTube video within an Ultranet page

  1. Go to YouTube ( and locate for the video you wish to embed.

  2. Select "Share" (beneath the video).


  3. Select "Embed".


  4. We recommend the disabling the "Show suggested videos when the video finishes" option, (it can present links to videos that may be irrelevant or unsuitable).


  5. Select "copy".


Now we can add your video to your Ultranet website.

  1. Sign in to Ultranet and navigate to the page you wish to embed the video in.

  2. Select the options icon in the navigation menu.

  3. Select 'Edit Content & Layout'.


  4. Drag the 'Embedded Content' widget to where you wish it to sit on the page.


  5. Hover over the widget and select "edit".


  6.  Paste the code that you copied from YouTube, and select "Check Embed Code".


  7. Add in any extra information here (optional) and select "Embed Content".


  8. Select "Publish". 

The video is now embedded on the page.

Adding simple links to YouTube videos

Don't want to have the video directly on the page? Link to it using the Resources/Links module.
Note that this may lead to students seeing unsuitable YouTube content.

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