FAQ: How can I add a background to my page?

Although background images cannot be assigned to entire web pages, tiled background images can be assigned within the Page Editor on Class Pages for the Page Content area. This is achieved by inserting it as a background image within a table cell. The following steps provide a brief break-down.

  1. Create a table in the page you are working on (a 1x1 table will be sufficient) within the Page Editor.

  2. Once inserted, right-click on the table and edit the 'Cell Properties'.

  3. Set the height and width of the cell to fit the entire page area.

  4. Further below this, there is an option to insert a background image. Click on the Image Manager button and upload the image you want to use as a background tiled image.

  5. Once your edits are complete, click save and update.

  6. Content can now be inserted into the table and will appear above the background image.

You can see an example of this (as a ‘watermarking’ effect) being used on Selwyn College’s homepage.

For further guidance on using Tables, please refer to Using HTML Tables.

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