Images: Adding hyperlinks (-v2.6)

Adding hyperlinks within "hotspots" to images displayed on Ultranet pages (using the Image Map Editor) can greatly enhance the user experience. The advantages of this range from having large clickable images for very young learners to creating a dynamic clickable image (with multiple hotspots) to best explain a complex concept. Hyperlinked images are very easy to create.

Getting started

In order to use the Image Map Editor, a Web Page or Virtual Classroom page needs to be created, and an image suitable for hyperlinking ready to use. Open the Page Editor by choosing “Edit Page Content” from the Page Tools menu. Upload the image using the Image Manager (refer to Altering Page Content Part 2 for assistance) and insert the image into the page.

Using the Image Map Editor

Whilst viewing the inserted image in the Page Editor, right-click on it and choose Image Map Editor. The Image Map Editor will open in a new pop-up window. Select the shape of the hotspot you require – either Rectangular or Circular – and click [New Area]. A light blue editable area will appear over the preview image on the left. The blue shaded area represents the part of the picture that will be made clickable.


To edit this area, click on the blue area to move it around the preview image to the location you would like to create as a hyperlink. To expand the area, click and drag on the red node in the bottom right corner. Once the area has been selected, enter the URL for the required location on the right panel. Other options include setting where the link will open (Target) as well as an alternative text (if the image link happens to be broken).


Click [Update Area] to save changes. Add more hotspots if required, and click [OK] to return to the page editor.

Tip: It is good practice for links to external websites to open in a new window, and links to pages within the same site to open in the same window.
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